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When Something Goes Missing

March 3, 2010

When something goes missing where do you look first? Well if you are in my house the first place to look would be where ever my daughters are.  They seem to have this fascination with putting things in a few places their laundry hamper,  their toy chest, and any random place they can manage to squeeze something into. One night after I put them to bed I came in my room to get their monitor and spent almost an hour looking for it. It later dawned on me that one of them had it earlier and it was probably in their hamper or in their toy chest.  So I tiptoed in their room and pulled out the toy chest and started my search, and after a few seconds of digging I found it.

Now, I’m really bad with misplacing things ask my husband he will gladly tell you. I’ve driven to the store gotten in line to only notice that my wallet WAS NOT in my purse. I had to go back home and search for it only to find it lying on the kitchen counter which was the LAST place I looked.  So to have two little ones walking around misplacing things on purpose really doesn’t help me any, but hey it comes with the territory… right?


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  1. Yep, I check the hamper. Because I only have to lose a pair of shoes ONCE to know that whatever it is will most likely end up in the least likely spot. And if you understood this, you’ve been there, too.

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