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How My Husband Made Me Cry

April 2, 2010

The other night I asked my husband to tell me what he thought about a post I wanted to publish, and after he finished reading it I had tears running down my face.

It all started when my husband decided to read my post out loud in the tone of a person from one of the reality shows I watch.  The tone alone made me laugh, but when my husband got to the first word that was in all CAPS tears began to form in my eyes because I was laughing so hard.  My husband yelled out that word as if he were angry at me.  He then proceed to yell out every word I typed in caps.  His tone combined with him yelling made me laugh so hard I was literally crying and wiping the tears from my face.

When we were done laughing he asked if I intended to yell at my readers and of course I said “no” and proceeded to tell him that I capitalize words for emphasis.  My husband then told me that when you capitalize a word it is as if you are yelling at a person.  I then began to think of all the unintentional times I have yelled at people via email, text message, Twitter, Facebook and on this very blog.

So I would like to apologize for yelling via caps, and let me also apologize now if I yell via caps in the future… in case I forget 😉


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  1. Me and the cap lock key are great friends:) I usually write posts with a few words in all caps. I try not to do it so often, but I think it’s just become part of my writing style.

    Hugs and Mocha,

  2. Hi Latesha,

    That’s just PRECIOUS! I know that all caps mean yelling online, but I just look at it as emphasis on certain words since a lot of people don’t know this “rule.” I’ve never been offended or upset by anything you’ve ever written. Your true personality comes out through and through in your tweets and your posts so no worries there. You are awesome.

    This moment will your husband is so special. I just love it when there is a moment of complete hilarious connection like that. I haven’t had too many of them since the twins came along though.


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