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What is PDA?

April 12, 2010

The other day my husband and I were stopped at a red light in New York City and had the following conversation:

Me: “look at that couple’s PDA they should get a room.”

Husband: “What. Who. Where”

Me: “Right there on the corner”

Husband: “What are you talking about?” “What is PDA?”

Me: “Public Display of Affection P.D.A”

Husband: ” I’m not up on all your reality show talk, I thought you were talking about an electronic device”

Me: “So when you hear “P.D.A you don’t think Public Display of Affection?”

Husband: “No, I’m a tech guy I think Personal Digital Assistant as in electronic organizer or PDA/Smart Phone”

Me: “That’s strange”


From → Wife

  1. lol! tell you husband to get up on this… i’ve been a fan of no PDA for years (unless, of course, I’m drunk 😉

  2. I guess the technical meaning of PDA is a bit out dated… now a days most PDAs are smart phones or mini computers.

    I’ll have to upgrade my vocab… but for the record I’m also not a fan of PDA… even when drunk. Maybe when I’m rockstar wasted I might slip.

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