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Thankful Thursday

April 29, 2010

This Thursday I decided to feature my coffee maker Mr. Coffee.

I am thankful for my Mr. Coffee coffee maker because it has gotten me through many sleepless nights and tired mornings after the twins were born.  The funny thing is that we’ve had this coffee maker for a few years and the first time we used it was after we had kids. The coffee maker was given to us as a gift because someone thought my husband and I were coffee drinkers. The fact is we were social coffee drinkers, we only drank coffee in public never at home.  After my first sleepless night I awoke from a 30 minute power nap to coffee brewing.  My mom who was staying with us to help out with the twins knew just what two delusional and exhausted parents needed to get through the day….Coffee.

Here’s to you Mr. Coffee (*raising coffee mug*) thanks for brewing coffee in less than 5 minutes so I can get through my seemingly endless day.


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  1. You are a rock star in my world! I cannot do the coffee but live on Pepsi!

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