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Thankful Thursday

May 6, 2010

I think it is only fitting that I feature my mom Millicent Davis this week.

I have truly been blessed with the best mom is the world. I know many children claim that title for their mom, but to me there is just no comparison.  I am so thankful for my mom I just don’t know where to begin. What stands out most about my mom to me is her determination, strength and kind-hearted nature.

My mom has had the ability since I was a baby to see me as I am and also as who I would become.  She never dwelled on what I did wrong, but instead she focused how I should learn and grow from my mistakes. She has taught me to trust in God above all things, and to never let my belief and faith in God wither away.  She has helped become a good mom, by being a great mom to me.

I really don’t think I can write a post that can capture the essence of how thankful I am for my mom, but I am blessed beyond measure to not only be able to call my mom “mom” but also be able to call her best friend.

Love you mom!! Happy Mother’s Day!!


From → Daughter

  1. Beautiful post and beautiful mom. 🙂

  2. Nickey Marshall permalink

    That Is Such A Blessing & A Great Testimony!
    You Are So Right Tesha, So Many Of Us Would Say We Have The Best Mom In The World.

    I Am One Of Them.

    The Lord Really Blessed Me With The Honor To Call My Mom, Mom!
    Wow, I Really Do Miss Her!

    Thanks For This Post Sis!
    God Bless

    • Awe Thank you Nickey!! Your comment really touched my heart.

      Love you sis!!

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